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1 /5 Rating average

Roast pork Bahn mi is absolutely horrible. Not mention it's unauthentic, bread didn't taste fresh at all, stale and not crispy. The meat was 80% FAT and didn't taste anything like Vietnamese Bahn mi. STRONGLY would not recommend it.

2.5 /5 Rating average

Soonta used to be an all time favourite places but consistency from one store to the next is lacking and just depends on who's serving you as to how much filling you get. These in inconsistencies have let Soonta down and after this week I don't think I'll buying from them anymore. The chicken was super fatty and I had to pick it off the chicken and to top it off I didn't get much chicken to start off with and my salad was smaller than usual - have I mentioned inconsistent. Such a pity Soonta. You used to be a 5/5 but no longer, sorry. I am frequenting your competition now.

4 /5 Rating average

I can't help but love Soonta even though the lines at lunch are usually out the door and down the street! Their bun bowls are the best you can get in the CBD (in my opinion) and I love the traditional dressing so much that I have tried to recreate it at home many times without much luck (TELL ME YOUR SECRETS). I'll have a salad bowl with grilled chicken and all the condiments, thanks. My only complaint is that I wish the packaging wasn't so wasteful... you get your salad in a plastic container with a separate container for the dressing and a plastic fork or disposable chopsticks. I know it's hard to use paper or cardboard for 'wet' dishes (there is quite a bit of dressing), but I would love to see Soonta implement some biodegradable or eco-plastic packaging in future. Still, the food is delicious and I think the staff do a great job of staying cheerful when they are so ridiculously busy.

2 /5 Rating average

I eat this out of convenience, I miss the old days when i could get 2 better tasting rolls @Tay Do for $5

3.5 /5 Rating average

Totally tasty. On the pricier side of a city lunch, but delish! A staple for city dwellers and a couple of times a week in my roto. A combination meat would be good but I never ask..

4 /5 Rating average

Really nice banh mi's and great Bun Bowls, however a little pricey compared to other banh mi places. In love the pork with crackling as my choice of meat.

5 /5 Rating average

This place is my favourite place for a Bun bowl! I always have the salad with noodles, the pork crackling is amazing and so is there karage chicken. With the little condiments on top :) it's kinda healthy choice, always very fresh! My only hope more locations open up around Adelaide so I can enjoy it wherever I go! Keep up the good work soonta!

4 /5 Rating average

The little hidden gem in Adelaide. The salad options are very tasty with such reasonable prices. I like the grilled chicken option which i usually get. The pork belly is always very tasty.