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2 /5 Rating average

Went there last weekend to have an afternoon tea, because we wanted to use our Entertainment Book Coupon. Was told that we couldn't use it. Only for meals. Okay...i guess it's acceptable. My kids wanted ice creams, so we walked up to the ice cream bar and spotted a fly. The waitress saw the fly, but didn't care less about it. She looked pretty tired and had no smile on her face so we didn't want to bother her much. Then we saw another waitress went to a table and took an order at the table. So i asked if we should order at the counter or table. She said rudely, "At the counter! I'm serving another customer now." But why did she take order at the table for other customers??? Not coming back there!

3.5 /5 Rating average

Generous serves, friendly and helpful staff, tasty food. San Giorgio ticked all the boxes for a quick casual dinner! I had gnocchi with chicken and Rose sauce, and my husband had a spaghetti marinara. The gnocchi was lovely; pillowy and fresh. Sure the restaurant may not have much ambience, but we are happiest with full, satisfied tummies!

2.5 /5 Rating average

We found that the meal that we had here was pretty poor. We both had the salmon with balsamic glaze and potatoes. It came with a small thin bland piece of pan fried salmon. It had no seasoning. The skin was on but it was not crispy and was face down. The balsamic "glaze" was a small dribble of balsamic vinegar on top. The "potatoes" consisted of a single tiny potato that was cut in half. After that we decided not to order desert and we paid and left.

4 /5 Rating average

Wanted quick, simple Italian. Previously dined here so had expectations. Staff were friendly, efficient and helpful. Food was very tasty and exceeded expectations. Pleasant dining experience.

2.5 /5 Rating average

A lone chef in the kitchen said it all. Food was not up to standard; minestrone (special of the day) tasted and looked like it came out of a canned soup, while the prawn pasta consisted of store bought pasta which wasn't even cooked well (I mean if you're going to cook store bought pasta, then at least cook it well if you can't make it) *smh*. Very disappointing. Perhaps I'll come back for the pizza next time.

3.5 /5 Rating average

I only dropped by to take away a slice of Mars Bar Cheesecake ($7.50) , which may not be the best indicator of the restaurant's overall food quality. Nonetheless, the cake was as indulgent and rich as you would expect, and would satisfy any chocolate-loving sweet tooth. The staff seemed friendly enough, from my mere 2 minutes of interaction with them. The restaurant looks like it would accommodate large groups well, so I'll keep this place in mind if I ever wanted a casual meal with a group of friends.

3.5 /5 Rating average

I had the spaghetti it was nice I'd score it a 7 out of 10. Girls had the gourmet pizza. Staff are young but helpful. Would come back next time I'm in town.

1 /5 Rating average

Visited San Giorgios recently, what a mistake .... the most appalling service I have seen for some time. We waited for over an hour and half and had to make a No of prompts to get any food on the table, when we complained whilst paying we were told the wait was normal and nothing out of the ordinary. I refused to pay the full amount and was told that the money would be deducted from the salaries of the waitresses, shameful management. Maybe one to avoid .....