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768 Station St, Box Hill I-, Australia
598 Reviews 4.2

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5 /5 Rating average

< 4.5br/> they believe the assessments that eat here is amazing. it is one of these small places with simple decoration and not an ounce of pretension. eating was so good and I'm so glad we visited. the mantu dumplings were small packages with delicious lamb mint and perfectly immersed with chili oil and yogurt. the lambs on rice were so juicy and fell from the bones, while the rice was juicy and delicious again was perfect. the chicken kebabs were also so juicy and full of taste (the meat is so often dry) and were served with house from the tandoor. the servings are of a decent size, so arrive hungry and enjoy. will come back in any case!

5 /5 Rating average

incredible food! love this place