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600 Sherwood Road, Graceville, Brisbane, Australia
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1.5 /5 Rating average

We used to go to their old spot up the road and loved it!.. maybe that was the draft beer and sake that was available. No more :( Basically shopping centre japanese with an extra 20% on the price tag. Food has gone down hill. They obviously own the fish and chip shop nextdoor that we wont be trying now also. So disappointed we only live 2min away.

1.5 /5 Rating average

I don't know where to begin... the first half of the experience was good, there were 4 of us dining here for lunch on a weekday where there were only about 3 tables of customers, the seatings and environment were nice the staff who sat us down was also nice to begin with. We ordered our food and 40 minutes (maybe longer) later nothing was on the table and no signs of the staff to come and tell us what's going on. FINALLY our order slowly arrived one by one... agedashi tofu was warm/ cold, all the rice was dry and warm, almost everything was warm (cold)! I just don't understand how can a curry rice be cold?! If you just microwave it for 2 extra minute it will be boiling hot!! So we left with a big disappointment :(

2 /5 Rating average

Extremely disappointed. Was looking forward to it because the place looked nice. Food tasted ok but waited for nearly 1 hour for a simple rice dish. It was around 1pm and only 2 other tables so definitely not peak hour. Also the food was warm and not hot at all which was a total let down. Would not come again.

2.5 /5 Rating average

The food was ok for the price you paid but the set menu was a bit of a letdown. The baked egg was the highlight dish but everything else was just meh.

3 /5 Rating average

Came here for lunch and seemed like we had just gotten on the tail end of the lunch rush. We're told to expect a 30minute wait time which we decided to accept. The okonomiyaki tasted and looked authentic Japanese which was good to see. The general service was good but the wait was a bit of a downer as they did seem understaffed. sweettoothbeliever.blogspot.com

5 /5 Rating average

An amazing night last night.  There were 5 of us, and we chose about a dozen different dishes off the menu and shared.  Amazing food - fresh and very tasty.  Prices were great.  We'll definitely be back!

3.5 /5 Rating average

Had dinner with voucher in a group of four couple of months ago. Impression was good and loved to have IPPIN Sake being served in this restaurant again. The last time I had this sake was in the promotional event held at Izakaya Goku. Dishes were all passionately prepared and wait-staff were friendly to the edge of shyness. If they could present the dishes and told me what were those well- prepared dishes, it would make a perfect "full stop".

3 /5 Rating average

It's alright- the first time we went it was great- the second time every thing had this kind of tang to it I didn't like. The pancake was pretty aright. Wasn't sold on the chicken fried rice. The volcano dragon roll was the best. We've had tempura prawns here before/ when is a prawn not delicious though. I would probably stick to the rolls if I went again. The seared scallop one was nice, the one with prawns through the middle was also good.