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18 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture QLD 4510, Australia
1275 Reviews 3.5

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5 /5 Rating average

it was crazy. their ice machine worked and they gave me my 75c soft servier, which made my mouthwater and my inner sides swelled in joy. love this place, excellent staff

2 /5 Rating average

not clean. not clean. outside the am not clean. forget to give chocolate milk and made a luke warm chia latta. to say not happy with service is not enough.

1 /5 Rating average

I understand it was a busy morning. I ordered a normal big brekkieburger. I have given someone to other double-cheese burger who is just a buck meat and two egg yummy thanks. we also sat there waiting for half an hour and they forgot our sauces and chickens.

1 /5 Rating average

5.45 uhr 03/09/22 only bought TWO(2) meal, but only ONE(1) chips. these people cannot even make the simplest, simplest and simplest work in the entire galaxie right! 123 abc brain cells overload

1 /5 Rating average

Ordered a chicken wrap through drive through and wasn’t until after I paid that I got told they couldn’t do wraps. I asked for a mc spicy instead and got glared at as if I was crazy. When I collected my food, I was handed my hot chocolate and told they ran out of marshmallows which I paid extra for. Staff were rude and careless. Chips were cold even before I left the window. Being a previous McDonald’s worker, this is absolutely horrible and not how you treat your customers!

1 /5 Rating average

Cross contamination! Always getting grubby and the scummy staff here are are rude, I’m so over it the attitude. tonight at 12am we bought nuggets and got them with tomato’s sauce rubbed all over and inside the box we did not open any of our sauce packets…. Someone obviously packed it with grubby gloves! Cross contamination get people seriously sick!

1 /5 Rating average

Must be a requirement to be partly deaf to work here. Never had an order right and I've worked here before it really doesn't take much brain capacity to read a screen and make the order.

1 /5 Rating average

RIDICULOUS. Already wrote a review with the same issue. We pay for large fries and this is what we get. Every time we order something is missing and the fries are always half full. Tried it too many times today was definitely the last time.