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114 Bell St, Coburg, Moreland, Victoria 3058, Australia
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3 /5 Rating average

Classic 80's venue and decor, double shops, so business is good.Why it shouldn't be when a share banquet of 3 course is only $20/head + tips and BYO.It was a medley of Poppadoms, dips, Samosa (some were a bit burnt), Curry Beef (okay), Curry Vegetable (highlight), Butter Chicken (highlight) and extra Beef Vindaloo for our section (right on, just not hot enough), fragrant Basmati rice and a choice of Gulab Jamun or Kulfi. Service is okay, can be slow, but they are under the pump with out group and other patrons on a Friday night.Just can go wrong.

1 /5 Rating average

Was excited to try this local place but, when the waiter started vacuuming under my legs while I sat waiting for my take-away, I got nervous. My wife and I were very hungry, so would've been happy with anything half-decent. We got much less... The sauces for both the lamb saag and chicken cooked in lentil curry tasted like something out of a powdered packet-mix, but worse, the 'meat' in both dishes was surely from a tortured rubber chicken. Poor thing, poor us.

4 /5 Rating average

Ordered takeaway delivery. Very good food was hot and the lamb rogan josh was yummy. Have dined in many years ago and this was just as good

5 /5 Rating average

A couple of years ago I used to live near Saleem's and would get a takeaway at least once a month and was never disappointed.On a return trip to Melbourne this year I met some friends there for dinner and it is still one of the best curries I've had. I suggest eating in - it's a bit old skool but that's what I like.

4 /5 Rating average

Decided to re-visit Saleem, after a few years, (with bad memories of the last visit) but we were pleasantly surprised. Food was good, typical Indian, but very fresh and tasty, and as expected the service was polite and attentive. We tried Rogan Josh, Beef Vindaloo with the usual sides and a mixed Tandoori platter entrée. Could not fault any of it, and it's well and truly back on our list.

4 /5 Rating average

the daggiest place in the world with their xmas lights on all year round, but we wouldn't want them any other way!Pretty affordable, delicious, genuine Indian food. - and I'm seriously an indian food sob, having lived there a few years back. They also allow free BYO only charging for an ice bucket if you need one. We joke this will be the venue for our wedding reception... but sometimes I don't think we are joking!

1 /5 Rating average

My husband and I just ordered from here. I asked them over the phone when ordering if anything had nuts in it as I'm allergic. I was assured it did not. When our food arrived the delivery man had written on his docket 'no nuts' and both our curry dishes had written on them 'no nuts'. We first ate the butter chicken...very bland. Probably worst butter chicken I've ever had. Then we had the lamb saag wala. I took one bite and crunched down on what seemed to be a nut. I spat out my mouthful straight away and sure enough it was an almond. On closer inspection there was almonds all through the dish. I had some antihistamines and waited to see if this would be a night in hospital due to an anaphylactic reaction. Thankfully the antihistamine seems to have been enough. My husband has just gotten off the phone to the manager at the restaurant. The manager offered no explanation and first tried to say there were no nuts in our dish. The manager did not care about the seriousness of this and offered no sort of compensation. We will obviously never eat here again. Apart from potentially killing me the food is awful so would not reccommend this place!!!

2 /5 Rating average

A just ok restaurant though we did find out foods are reheated (evident when you get them served semi cold!) We never got sick, but then we never returned after the last experience. Aside from fresh nann bread, these days Pataks in a jar can be just as tasty as many of the restaurants and you know its fresh when you cook it!