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5 /5 Rating average

I went to Johnny's for my birthday on the 31st May, completely blown away with the service and delicious meals and cocktails. As soon as myself and my group entered we were greeted kindly and taken to our reservation table. We had the deep pan pizza ( Capone) and a Gnocchi dish along with a few cocktails. The waiter Thomas was very knowledgeable, friendly and interesting to listen to, as he explained the menu in great detail. To top it off the cocktail expert made me a birthday drink! This place really has it's spark! One of the best places I've been!Will be back again to try other parts of the menu as soon as I canThank you

4 /5 Rating average

In the backstreets of Darlinghurst you will find Johnny Fontane's. An Italian restaurant, specialising in deep dish pizzas whilst having fun at paying to tribute to gangsters of the past.The restaurant is fitted out with gangster mugshots on the walls and a 'Godfather' horse head on the wall. We were there for the deep dish Chicago style deep dish pizza and it did not disappoint. It was, to a degree a combination at a pie , pizza and a pasta sauce but most importantly it was yum! One pizza is more than enough, we actually did not finish ours and was stuffed full by the time we were done. Our mistake was that we shared an entree of arancini balls, whilst they were great, they filled us up before the main. Cocktails were perfect and having Italian Peroni on special was appreciated.Another quirky touch, paying homage to gangster life was the sale of cigars, that can be consumed in the courtyard out the back. We didn't partake in this but next time, when the weather is warmer, drinking cocktails, smoking a big cigar after a great meals sounds appealing and fun to me.

5 /5 Rating average

Amazing quality food, Chicago style pizza is so easy to get wrong but amazing when done right and right here it was done perfectly. If you get a full pie it would easy fill 4 people, we took half home and it was still as good reheated for lunch the following day.Nice venue, cosy and nicely decorated, a real gem that could easily be walked past but defiantly shouldn't be missed

4 /5 Rating average

I'm a fan of the Uno Chicago Pizza in The U.S., but since there are no stores in Australia, there is room for local business to fill in the gap. Johny Fontane's is a thriving restaurant in Darlinghurst that I visited with my girlfriend for dinner last week and we were very satisfied with the menu options. From memory, there are 5-6 flavour options and each pizza is large enough to be shared between 2-4 people. For those with a smaller appetite, there are individual slices available stating at $9. The mushroom bruschetta entree was amazing and our waiter, a bloke from Scotland, was very attentive. I'd certainly recommend a visit to this place and look forward to eating there again in the future.

4 /5 Rating average

I went to the restaurant last week after hearing multiple things about it online and was very eager to try the deep dish pizza. Once we arrived all the waiters were very informative and friendly. We did order some pizza and it took a very long time to be served. The waiter made up for this by giving us some extra slices for free which did make it alright.I had the Capone deep dish pizza. It wasn't as good as i was hoping it would be but still wasn't bad and was something different in sydney to try.Overall a nice spot to try and very friendly staff

3 /5 Rating average

This is such a cozy bar in Darlinghurst, with pictures of mafia men all over the walls. I particularly loved the jazz music playing, and the dim warm lighting everywhere. We came here for drinks and an event in their upstairs space. I must say I adored their deep dish Chicago style pizzas! One slice was so filling, and I loved that they were actually properly cooked through. We ordered a few drinks for the night including the house wine which we actually really loved. The Sicilian Iced Tea was something I actually really enjoyed with strong apricot flavour, but it wasn't to everyones taste. We also ordered the High Society which we didn't really enjoy for the overpowering cucumber taste. Service here was definitely nice and friendly however, and I probably will come back for that pizza, wine and jazz music :)

4 /5 Rating average

What a great bar, great vibe with yummy food. Such great atmosphere, service was very good, very attentive. The whole venue is fun, different levels, outside, out the back, near the bar on a great street in Darlinghurst! Know for their deep dish pizzas, which were very tasty. The pizza crust was crunch, tasty and cooked to perfection, the fillings are good too, maybe a little bit too much cheese but still good. Worth a visit.

2 /5 Rating average

It seems my experience was so far removed from that of other reviewers that I wonder if we caught Johnny Fontane's on an 'off night'. Everything started so well with delicious starters of arancini balls and bruschetta coupled with a delicious house red.After that, we were disappointed. The house red had ran dry so we were 'upgraded' to a more expensive bottle that we found quite unpleasant. Pizzas arrived ten to fifteen minutes apart and were undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of all. We all agreed they were bland and the vegetarian was absent of almost any flavour. Towards the end of the evening we were presented with a bill without having requested it. When paying I was informed more drinks needed to be added to the bill because, after requesting it, we'd continued drinking. I still don't know why the bill was presented - you'd think a party of eight in a half empty restaurant would be encouraged to stay.Browsing my reviews will tell you that I have rarely ever offered anything short of three out of five but on this occasion we all agreed it was an utter let down after we'd been so excited to go.The staff were devoid of personality; for a place like this I'd have expected a more effervescent breed of waiting staff. Upon leaving I shared my findings in a constructive way with the gentleman who was taking payment. He offered no compensation, nor did I bother to ask.