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Cnr High and Cooper St. | Epping Plaza Shopping Centre, Epping, Victoria 3076, Australia
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1 /5 Rating average

First of all, CHECK YOUR BILL... We went last night with a family, 6 of us in total.. when it came to paying they over charged us by $205!! This was realised once we got back to the table.. they were unable to handle the situation, the manager came he couldnt handle the situation, and explained he couldnt refund back to a card (guys its 2017, thats card payment basics)!! He gave us the cash back and his response was "thats why you always check your bill before paying" (tgif managing basics???).. very very disappointed! We had to be out by 7pm which was fine, until at 6:15 we started to get rushed, we hadnt even been there an hour! We had 4 different people serving us which is fine, if they paid attention to each other and didn't continually come and ask the same question the previous person did.. the food itself was just average, edible and quite large portions.. the stand out dish was the sauces.. We wont be back for this experience again!!

3 /5 Rating average

Food was alright only afew LCHF options but they were happy to make changes to accommodate. At least they had cream for the coffee.

5 /5 Rating average

Staff are friendly and table area clean. Although we had To wait a bit for the food it was Great! We have been going there for years and will continue. Best ribs!!!

1 /5 Rating average

Highly overpriced food. Very ordinary food. Definitely the last time we go to TGI Friday's. The only thing good about it was the staff that tried to fix up the kitchen stuff ups.

2 /5 Rating average

TGI used to be my favourite laid back place to go with family and friends right up until they increased their prices twice in one year. Our favorite is Jack Daniels Steak. They are now $38. Absolutely not worth paying that much for it for one thing, secondly if a family were to have this they would be paying a fortune for a night out. Used to be a nice family restaurant, now ripping people off is what matters. Very disappointing!

2 /5 Rating average

My finance and I went on a Saturday evening, the wait wasn't too long, the staff was friendly. My fiance ordered a french dip sandwich and I had the Jack Daniels rib eye steak. It came with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I asked to substitue the broccoli for a bowl of french onion soup. There was a $1.50 (or somewhere around that) to substitute. Not sure I understand why since if purchased ala carte there is only a .30 difference. And I never could understand why they don't offer baked potatoes. Anyway, the soup was good, my cocktail was good, but I didn't like the steak. It was thin, over cooked and chewy, very tough. And it didn't not taste anything like previous Jack Daniels rib-eyes that I have had. Did you change the way you cook them? My fiance was not happy with the amount of meat on his sandwich. He asked to speak with the manager, the manager said it was due to portion control. He offered to bring my fiance another sandwich, my fiance said he would just like more meat. The manager brought more meat. He was satisfied with the sandwich after that. We won't go back though, who really wants to eat at a restaurant that doesn't have what you like, or you have to ask them to make it better? The place was really crowded so I don't think they will miss us.

4 /5 Rating average

We visit TGIF regularly before seeing a movie. Food is consistently good. Nothing amazing but great burgers etc. Servers are great. Usually not much of a wait for food. Bit annoying when you call to book and they're "booked out" but can walk in at any time and have a seat. Might be the allowances for walk ins possibly.

3 /5 Rating average

Food quality: slightly above averagePricing: absolute & terribly overpriced.Customer service: goodCleanliness: excellentI simply wouldn't go there again as the I don't feel that I got good value for money.