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552 Barkly St | West Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria 3011, Australia
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Monday 07:30 - 22:00

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4 /5 Rating average

I called, with my not so great french, and requested a reservationSadly, the book was full.

4 /5 Rating average

Ok. It's not the highest quality Indian food around but it's acceptable and the best value for quantity by far, especially if you arrive buffet night or get a package for four. Great for budget diners! Staff always good and clean inside.

4 /5 Rating average

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of difference in most of the Indian restaurants in West Footscray. They have rather similar menus – concentrating on Buriyani and Dosa - and they are all good. Several of them offer what they call Indo-Chinese food. What they mean is Indian/Chinese food – basically anything with Szechuan sauce. The plain places, everything is about $10 and at the fancy places, $12.Some seem to get very little business – I encourage you to try them all. These are not rich people, but family-run places, and they need your business.Amrutha has a very interesting but rather odd design. It’s reaching for Fine Dining with a chandelier, and the comfy chairs have 3 big paste diamonds in them. The design is intended to mimic a classy hotel or even a palace. It’s quite big too. The staff are extremely solicitous – the lovely manager popped by about three times to ask me if everything was OK and if I was enjoying my meal. The Indian restaurants that go for ‘classy’ follow the tradition that customers are honoured guests. At some restaurants the staff get on with their lives in the background, playing music and Angry Birds. At this restaurant, apart from the manager visits, they disappear and leave you to eat in complete silence and peace. They seem to be very intuitive for what you want. I ordered a fish curry and saffron rice from the large-ish menu. The first taste of the fish was blissful. It was tender, plentiful and reasonably fresh. The food took a while to arrive, but that is good – they were carefully cooking and it takes time. The curry contained hand-ground herbs and spices – no premade sauces here. The saffron rice was too dry for my taste, but some Indian places deliberately serve rice this way. It was not as good as the Saffron Rice made by my Thai friends. I suggest that you ask for it moist. There was a LOT of it – you could easily feed two people on $20 hereby splitting a meal, if your partner is someone who eats mildly. PROS: NO MUSIC YAY! You are No.1 from the moment you arrive. I think this place would work well for a large party because they would work very hard to please. The staff are super-nice. They have a $19 all-you-can-eat buffet on Friday and Saturday nights. They also have a big video screen, I guess they play movies then. On other nights, it is very peaceful. They stay open quite late – 10 PM I think. Parking nearby is easy.CONS: None really, except they try too hard. The ambiance and the over-solicitous staff would put off some people.This isn't my favourite restaurant in West Footscray, but I will visit every so often when I want peace and time to think.