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750 George Street, Chinatown, 2000, Haymarket, Australia
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5 /5 Rating average

How is this place rated only as an average of 2.9 star rating?! I just do not understand. Tom N Toms has Baristas, who know how to make their coffee very much like Italian coffee - they know damn good how to dawn their milk, including skim and soyi milk. I am a mocha and cappuccino drinker, and most other CBD cafes make Mokkas like slats and flat whites - little too no foam !! Grief So many varieties of sweet pastries and their pretzels and bagels are always a hit. Grief The amount of space you study and cool here is crazy! Grief

3.5 /5 Rating average

For the first time visit this place yesterday. Order the OREO SNOW flakes dessert to share with two other friends. The presentation of the dessert was super pretty, and it was refreshing to eat. Only the disappointment, however, was that when we once came at the end of the dessert, a strong wine like taste (wonder what that was). Unlike that, everything else was good at the dessert.

3.5 /5 Rating average

I love your honey butter bread that is constantly delicious and is worth the calories. Grief From the drinks I tried, the taste is diluted. Coffee is average and lukewarm. Compared to FRAPPES from Macca, the mixed ice drinks is not a taste here when you get to the ground. You calculate $ 1 for whipped cream, which is more than other places.

4.5 /5 Rating average

Honey butter bread is one of my favorites with the pair of Cinammon Latte. I believe that you guys really try, honey butter bread, that's the best ???????? (Prepare your sweet tooth) ????. Love the trading hours open 'until late ???? And the employees are really friendly ????

2.5 /5 Rating average

I saw the size of their mugs compared to my sweet memory last year, i thought to myself that i had to check this place out!!! Ordered caramel -ccino (ice blended) for 6.5 bucks with whipped cream. The drink itself was alright, im not a coffee drinker and this was quite weak and drinkable. The one thing that turned me off was the ridiculous sign stuck on their table "min spend $5 if youre gonna use wifi and electricity" WHAT THE FUDGE. Other than the sign outside a hurstville restaurant indicating no guns no drugs and no bombs allowed, this is one of the most absurd signage ive seen. Anyway, i sat there for about 2 hours as i had 2 hours until my next work appointment and did receive a couple of dirty looks. I dont think I'd willingly come back... maybe if im stranded in the city late at night with no where to go..

2 /5 Rating average

First, her honey butter bread is very nice. The honey paired with cinnamon and whipped cream is delicious with the bread, but someone without sweet tooth should probably avoid. Grief Unfortunately, we come to the really bad part: Your coffee is terrible, which is sad since you should be a cafe. The green tea latte is worrying sweet as the drinking liquid sugar. I had to mix it with a flat white to drink it even remotely. However, it tasted strongly on green tea, I give you that. Now the flat white ... when the green tea lath was like a drink of sugar water, the flat white was drunk like coffee water. Do I have to say more? Grief Overall pretty disappointing experience. Not even the bread can make up the gloomy coffee.

3 /5 Rating average

Open till late and located in very convenient place which is very close to townhall station. Coffee and Toast with honey&cream which I ordered were nice but avarage. Wifi condition is not so good tho.

4 /5 Rating average

Tom N Toms is my go to cafe whenever I visit Sydney to meet friends or catch up with them. It's such a cozy little place. I was first introduced to this cafe a few years ago from a couple of Korean friends and since then I always tend to visit this place whenever I'm in Sydney.  Service is quick, staff are friendly and the beverages and noms :)