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209-211 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
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Experience culinary bliss at Hongyun Chinese Restaurant, found at 209-211 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia, by booking a table via our convenient reservation page. Delight in a range of flavorful flavors that will leave you craving more. Dial +61396506628 to reserve a dining experience.

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3 /5 Rating average

Typical of 90% of chinese restaurants, there was nothing very surprising on the menu, in the way meals were preparedor presented. It reminded us why we prefer Thai.

1 /5 Rating average

I ate lunch here one day, ordering a soy sauce duck with rice. It took them close to half an hour to give me my meal, which tasted as though it had simply been microwaved. I also got gastro from eating here. Never again.

4 /5 Rating average

I ate dinner at this restaurant and found the food very nice and the staff exceptionally pleasant and helpful. I watched them attend to the other diners and saw the same level of service. I would happily return.

1 /5 Rating average

My friend and I love noodles and can't wait to try this restaurant because the Chinese translation reads "Hong Yun Noodles House".When we got there we asked the waiter which is the best noodles in the house and he recommended the spicy beef noodles. Out came a bowl of plain noodle and a plate of stir fry beef. What the? Are we supposed to pour the beef in? We don’t understand :S The beef was super salty so I guess it was supposed to be dipped into the noodle soup…. who knows? It’s like something I could make at home if I accidentally put too much sauce and corn flour in my stir fry and ran out of rice.What's worse is the Shanghai Rice Cakes- how much worse? Please check out my blog: http://pigouttravels.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/quickie-with-piggy-hongyun-chinese-restaurant/?preview=true&preview_id=1905&preview_nonce=e64346804a

5 /5 Rating average

I've been here twice and can highly recommend Hongyun Chinese Restaurant. I had shredded pork and rice for lunch, as well as spring rolls for the entree. The service was good and there's good seat spacing, in which you are not forced to be shoulder to shoulder to other patrons. The menu prices are more than reasonable, with main course dishes typically being $10-$12. What's also good is that unlike many South-East Asian restaurants in the Melbourne CBD, this place accepts credit cards.

4 /5 Rating average

I've been here three times to try different noodle dishes from the lunch menu.

3 /5 Rating average

This review is solely for the dumplings which were ok, but unexceptional and not overly generous serving sizes.

2 /5 Rating average

This place always disappointsThe food here is average and blandIt's on my "don't bother" list.