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Shop 2 23 Koornang Rd, Carnegie, Glen Eira, Victoria 3163, Australia, Monash
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1 /5 Rating average

Being someone who works in an executive role in the customer service industry, I don't understand why anyone would open a customer service based establishment with a clear disdain for customers. If you're desperate, come here for the value, don't come here for the service...More

4 /5 Rating average

Do not go if it hot outside the AC is not very good. And the heat from the BBQ makes the resturant even hotter.

4 /5 Rating average

I've been here before and enjoyed it, and my overall rating should probably be somewhere between average to very good. The service and overall value I felt was a little "average." The waitresses were all polite, respectful and responsive, but there were times when we needed service or more meats and side dishes brought out, and it was hard to get their attention. There were times when they were just standing around at the reception area chatting, when they should have been responding to diners' requests for things to be brought out.Food was all good, and I enjoyed the kimchi as a side dish, which you can just keep asking for more of. What I don't like is that only one tiny saucer (I wouldn't even call it a plate) of each side dish was initially provided for a group of 3 people. This is simply unhygienic and luckily when I asked for a full set of side dishes for each person in my group, the waitress obliged, though she did mention that they don't normally do it that way.The restroom out the back only has a cold water tap, which I believe might be a breach of the relevant food premises laws. Nevertheless soap was provided, though there was nothing to dry my hands with and there was also no roll of toilet paper.Being a wet Winter evening, the soles of my shoes were wet & the greasy, slippery floor was immediately apparent. If someone wasn't steady on their feet they could slip and fall over, so I think perhaps they need to clean their floors better and use more detergent. I guess it's not the first asian restaurant I've seen with this problem, and it's probably exacerbated by the whole "cook at your table" concept, but they just need to deal with it before it comes back and bites them in the backside!This place has several menu options, I have always gone for the buffet, but it has reasonably priced a-la-carte dishes as well. On this occasion the $31.90 (per person) standard buffet was enough for my group. They do serve a $35.50 gourmet buffet option which basically gives you a bigger choice of meats, entrees and desserts. It depends whether you want one of the "gourmet" entrees or desserts, because you only get a choice of ONE item from these categories. You can have all the meat and side dishes you like, but not entree or dessert items. There is also a 90 minute time limit on the buffet, which was disappointing. 2 hours would be OK, but 90 minutes made me feel rushed.They also have a $15 for 1 hour or $20 for 1.5 hours "all you can drink Korean beer" add-on option to the buffet!This place is still a good option for Korean BBQ because there isn't exactly a huge proliferation of these types of places around Melbourne, but there are things they could do to improve.

2 /5 Rating average

Used to be a regular here. During my last visit, I was served fatty meat when I ordered beef bbq. Whole piece of meat was fat. I was shocked and will not be back.

4 /5 Rating average

Whilst there may be fancier looking options in the area i reckon this is the best. Good value, great taste

4 /5 Rating average

Interesting dining option. Good for a quick mid-week dinner with family or friends. Food is cooked on a submerged grill in front of diners. A selection of small dishes accompany the grilled food. Worth a visit.

5 /5 Rating average

I have been eating at this restaurant for years now. We always get the gourmet buffet, which is only $33.50. You get a choice of either a rice/soup dish. I've always had the Beef Bibimpap. You then have a variety of different meats to choose from to cook on the hot plate at your table. As well as the meat you also get a variety of side dishes, which usually change each time we go. But they always have fresh kimchi and fish cakes, which are our favourite. To finish off you get some ice cream. I recommend the black sesame ice cream if you want to try something different. If you haven't experienced Korean Bbq before I would highly recommend trying this restaurant out. But do book in advance as they are usually busy.

4 /5 Rating average

I've dined here twice, the first time on a Groupon (which can be pretty hit or miss) and I came back because I enjoyed it so much.Both times we opted for the banquet-style ($33.50pp for the better one) menu which included an entree, dessert and unlimited meat. Between two of us, we struggled to finish even 3 meat dishes, especially considering there are so many sides accompanying the meat. Everything was great, the spicy chicken was a favourite. The only negatives were the bathroom, I basically had to walk through a maze to get there, and it was gross. Also the menu mentioned something about a $5 surcharge if you left too much food which is kind of weird but I guess it's to stop people taking advantage of the 'unlimited meat'. Regardless, the positives outweighed the negatives by far, and I will return!