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225 Miller Street, North Sydney, Australia
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3.5 /5 Rating average

On Friday it was very busy waiting for a table. The staff land around in the Breakneck speed, but also very efficient. I was waiting for a seat for about 10 minutes, then wait 20 minutes for food (some people around, who already ordered before I'm waiting for their meals). My Tempura Udon tasted pretty good, a lightweight broth soup, but a good taste. The tempura was nice fried. The Udon had a good texture, but bouncy, but not tough. A little expensive for $ 15, no large serving, with only 1 shrimp in the tempura.

4 /5 Rating average

The food was great, the service was friendly and fast. Coconut shrimps and the sushi roles were delicious. Lost a star, as there was a large group in the back, and the noise level was too much for the small area, making it hard to communicate. Otherwise a nice place.

4 /5 Rating average

I had delicious food here, I had the grilled sushi entrance and the salon salad Takeaway, which was promptly prepared. The grilled scallops and salmon melted in the mouth and were very fresh. The salmon salad was packed full of aromas and ingredients with a generous pile of algae salad. I mocked both dishes and was extremely satisfied.

3.5 /5 Rating average

Great place for a dinner, if many other places are closed. There are a number of bento boxes to choose from when you want to try a few dishes. Friendly staff. Good food, but not good food with some of the dishes (oily tempura).

3.5 /5 Rating average

Great lunch here today. Went with the chicken Teriyaki Bento Box. Silky smooth sushi with buttered warm rice. Chicken was a little boiled, but everything was awarded when looking at the beautiful smoky BBQ flavor. Miso soup and agadashi tofu were both delicious. Beautiful fast service.

4 /5 Rating average

But you have to write more than one word so here goes........... had beef skewers which were succulent and cooked to perfection (I asked for it to be well done - and they did). Followed up with squid which was a good size mini meal. But I went back and had one more dish - prawn with coconut - which was the best of the lot.Next time more people - more dishes - more choice!All that and a nice atmosphere and good service.Will be back.

5 /5 Rating average

First of all the restaurant is lovely.. it has a great vibe to it, whether you want to sit inside, or outside with the lantern lights. The food was fabulous. I would recommend the sushi rolls, the sashimi VERY fresh, the popcorn prawn was amaazing. I didn't particularly like the duck pancakes as much, but this didn't matter too much because everything else was so great. The people are so lovely! Would definitely go here again. Thanks for a great dinner!

4 /5 Rating average

There are not so much choice of the food but the food here are really nice and fresh.If you like Japanese food, you can come here to try.The environment make us comfortable.We did enjoy everything here. It is a good place to for couple.