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Welcome To Thornbury, 520 High St, Northcote, Victoria, Australia
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5 /5 Rating average

damn beautiful deep roasted factory vegan textured twp burger with a delicious creamy garlic sauce fresh ice cream salad and a tomato. $15.5 is a moronic price for an almost food burger everywhere, but Australians may be ceurich, but at least it is for a good thing and is a woman owned by vegan business, clap clap!

5 /5 Rating average

I never had a bad meal here. caesar salat, dee pfannkuchen and the tempura mushrooms are the menu, but all I had here was delicious. the personal is always beautiful. now also delivery

5 /5 Rating average

I agree with your name, woking amazing is really amazing. I first tried to eat her on the world vegan day, where I just got her popcorn cock with BBQ sauce, the delishhhhhhh and I got a good license for free pommes that I thought was a nice note. I then went to thornbury for one of their vegan vegout events a few months later and was definitiw not disappointed. I had the pancakes, bbq pork and pommes with sweet chili sauce and it was all delicious. everything is vegan, the personal is friendly (even if completely swung with huge queues on the world vegan day, which she was with so well and the waiting time was still very reasonable) and there is honest nothing negative I could say!

5 /5 Rating average

according to my opinion they have the best vegan burgers in melbourne. I can't even put in words how incredible it is. great worth it too. my partner and I don't live where near thornbury, but we're going there when the hunger gets too much for this burger. you have to try! we also had the “Enten” pancakes and the bao. both are so delicious. and the chips! the spice is just .. wow. nice, friendly staff that always spend free chips when they want to know where they are going to eat this delicious food to welcome to thornbury, they also have their own restaurant and are sometimes at welcome to brunswick. they are also at many festivals, best to check their Facebook page. updated by previous review on 2020-02-01

5 /5 Rating average

I’ve had Woking amazing probably a dozen feeds at Woking amazing and it is easily my favourite vegan place, usually see them at markets they are also at the food truck place high street preston

5 /5 Rating average

You can tell quality is key, with taste being the number 1 requirement. Delicious food and friendly service you can't go wrong.

5 /5 Rating average

Always delicious food on hand! I have had non vegan friends eat their food and shocked later when they learn it actually is all vegan!

5 /5 Rating average

I've enjoyed Woking Amazing's food over the years. I have liked all their creations including peking duck pancakes, burgers and dim sims. Their chips are also tasty. I strongly recommend this place.