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Cnr Cumberland Hwy & Victoria St, Smithfield, Fairfield, New South Wales 2164, Australia
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Don't miss out on a memorable dining experience at Mcdonald's Family Restaurants, located at Cnr Cumberland Hwy & Victoria St, Smithfield, Fairfield, New South Wales 2164, Australia. Reserve your table through our intuitive reservation page and savor savory culinary delights. A reservation is just a phone call away at +61297290510.

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1 /5 Rating average

The food is great especially the frozen grape. The burgers taste good and consistent only downfall is the service This MacDonalds was really good until new management and staff kept changing. This is my local mcdonalds and never have they ever got my order right. Either they get the order right and forget to pack something or they forgot to add something to my order. The manager is not really friendly now sure how he became a manager, he has no customer service skills at all. He did not listen or try and acknowledge the problem, he just said pay for it. No nice at all. Manager name is Noshad.

3 /5 Rating average

A standard Macca's serving a consistent product. At least you know what you are getting and the restaurant is clean and tidy with staff keeping the tables cleared. Not bad at all.

4 /5 Rating average

Standard. Consistent and delicious. Just your everyday McDonalds, but you cannot go wrong! Take your friends, a first date.. Anyone!

1 /5 Rating average

I went to this store when i wanted to buy a family dinner box as i was very hungry.

3 /5 Rating average

For a McDonalds, its ok. Good for your cheap start to the day.

1 /5 Rating average

Worst Maccas ever. Have visited this mdcondalds multiple times and each time order was wrong, drinks were not made properly, burgers old, stale and not fresh. I will never got to this McDonald’s ever again. Not worth it. Never guaranteed to have a nice meal

1 /5 Rating average

Angry women serving at drive through around She was so careless and ignorant. Gave us a bag spoiled with milk too. It ruined my child cloths. That waitress denied it. She made a coffee with lots of milk but almost no coffee it it...after ordered a strong coffee. She was with headphone etc. May be the manager. She shouldn't be in the McDonalds. Brings shame to business. We will never go back.

1 /5 Rating average

Don’t waste your time. But if you’re desperate make sure you check your order before leaving or ordering online. They make No apologies for getting it wrong and you are a burden to them. Hadn’t been there for weeks since their last mistake and...thought I’d give them another chance. Would rather drive another or go without. Never going back again.