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948 Wellington Road | Strathfieldsaye, Bendigo, Greater Bendigo, Victoria 3551, Australia, STRATHFIELDSAYE
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4 /5 Rating average

We had a family gathering at the Tavern before our return to Canada. I think I should clarify for Canadians that restaurants in Australia are different. You go up and order your food in some cases this being one you pay when you order. The bring the food to your table. It is a little more expensive than you would expect at home. However there is no tipping. This restaurant has great food and drinks. I would recommend it to any one in the area or visiting. I will be back at Christmas for another visit.

4 /5 Rating average

We have not been here for a long time but had been hearing some good reports again so went for a function. We were a large group and it took a while to line up to place orders and a bit longer for food to arrive but most were very happy, mine on the other hand was cooler than luke warm so back it went. The waitress came back with an apologies and a glass of wine on the house, when the food did arrive it was very good. My partner had the Rump steak and it is still being talked was sooo big and tasted great, and am happy to say the other 40 people seemed happy with there meals. So yes we will go back.... I may have drawn the short straw again as but was very happy with the way they dealt with it.

5 /5 Rating average

Was at Braidies for a Rotary dinner and had no expectations of excellence but the food and service was superb. Not sure it is what they usually serve or whether it was special because it was a function but it was great either way and worth a visit for a casual meal to see if it is the same every day of the week. Highly recommended!

4 /5 Rating average

We've always loved Braidies and were a little concerned when we heard that it was under new management. However these guys are doing a great job. There's been a few small changes but it's maintained it's small town hospitality. We recently ate there as a family. We had a small issue with one of our dishes (they didn't omit the sauce as requested), they were so apologetic and even gave us a free dessert because of their error. We were very impressed with the service and the meals.

3 /5 Rating average

Went on a return visit for a family members birthday, it's been 6 months or so since we last went, biggest disappoint was that the menu from memory was identical, pedestrian nothing too difficult meals, which if you get them wrong stands out like the proverbial.Specials were ok, and my ribs were lip smacking, but most others were not overly impressed, I think there is a challenge here to get some significant change here for the owners, I for one won't return until I see a menu that alters and offers better than pub meals,.Service was ok, but meals also appeared really slow to get to the table, and as I said average pub style meals shouldn't take that long to appear, and it wasn't overly busy eitherAt the present moment, I think there are much better alternatives on offer in Bendigo.

4 /5 Rating average

A belated 'mixed grill' review as I only recently joined Trip Advisor. My only meal experience in bistro, 2 of us, about 3 years ago was very satisfactory. Then friends and I went for coffee several times from early 2016 on. They were lucky to get us back, as a middle aged lady, presume one of owners/operators at the time, was quite rude to 2 us. We should have left, but we were awaiting a friend. Things picked up from there with a pleasant young lady who was barmaid and barista, she made very nice coffees for us. We saw no more of the rude lady, then nor on several other visits for coffee. On those occasions, the bar / barista person was very pleasant and efficient. So it is due to those staff, and me learning there has been a change of owner/management that I am giving it 4 stars. Venue has something to live up to. Reviewer Lynne B, reports, 'The tacky railways memorabilia has gone.' I had found that memorabilia quite interesting, and I'm not a choo choo buff. Despite some unfavourable reviews since the change of management, I'll give venue a go for a meal later in the year and review again. I hope owners/managers can 'get it right'. Strathfieldsaye is the fastest growing area of Bendigo council, and deserves a first class hotel eatery. All the infrastructure is there in this huge building. Ample parking front and rear. Easy to find.

3 /5 Rating average

Braidies used to be horrendous but now, under new management, there has been significant improvement. The tacky railways memorabilia has gone and the food has improved. We were seated by a friendly and efficient server in a big room with quite a few occupied tables. Meals were delivered to our table of four within a reasonable time. The food is very basic pub fare but about what you'd expect from a basic, no frills pub and no one at our table had any complaints. After all, this isn't a restaurant.

2 /5 Rating average

We've heard much about the changes to Bradies after it changing ownership and decided to give it another go. A mistake. We walked to see a large party (we heard later it was 70 people) in the back bistro. At no time when we booked did they advise us that there was a large party on, as we would not have booked. This party obviously sucked the resources from the wait staff as we were basically ignored. Our meals took over an hour to come out due to the party backlog, and were disappointing when they arrived. We had 2 fish dishes which were dry and overcooked. One was sent back, I ate the second as I was hungry. The shanks had no flavour in the sauce, it's tasted like gravox in a can. Very disappointed given top prices being charged $28 for fish without table service. It seems to be a trend of pubs pumping up prices and dishing out sub standard food. This place needs to have a major reset. A simple signage change and big screen TV does not make up for bad good and service.