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Shop 29, Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, CBD, Sydney, Australia
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Monday 11:30 - 21:00

Tuesday 11:30 - 21:00

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4 /5 Rating average

I heard of my buddies of this place of my buddies, so it was the night tonight to try it! Went with the regular Tenkomori Ramen with Tonkotsu soup base. The service was pretty fast, what I have to say is a first, and the prices of the food is quite affordable! The Ramgaudal were cooked pretty well to record the creamy Tonkotsu soup, which was not too thick or thin at all, which spreads the pork taste evenly into her mouth. The chashu pork, which I could tell, was thin, but marinated before she fried the pork, which led the pork to what the pork had a good roast flavor in it. The egg was slightly overbowed due to the lack of gooeyness of the Yolk, but still remind the herbal egg taste and not to mention the bamboo shots and the fish cake was well salted! Grief Overall, a solid ramen at such an affordable price! Great value for money and a good food when you're going on. You have the opportunity to stop your ramen to satisfy your massive hunger! Grief And most of all, I'm most likely for other dishes back!

4 /5 Rating average

The prices of Ramen here are absolutely as cheap if you consider the quality of the food! I always go to your specialty, Tenkomori Ramen and never disappoint it :)

1 /5 Rating average

A immense popular Ramenantines in Regent House, which is a wide selection of affordable ramen and other fried Japanese tariff, Togomori shares the same owner with Menya and folders. Grief Grief You can order your ram with the long queue, select the type (simple, with chashu, egg etc.) and then the broth (Shio, Miso, Tonkotsu). Next, you can take a plate and choose the side dish like Tofu, Karaage, Tempura before paying your meal while watching the chefs while you prepare your ramen. Grief Grief Although the ramen is cheap, it is pure nonsense. The noodles were muddy, flat and resembles the worse type of instant noodles. The broth was nothing like freshly prepared suppens base with butter, sea salt and Katsuobushi and tasted overwhelming salty. The chashu was like a sheet of paper and tasted cold, stinking and steel. Everyone who knows how to cook instant pasta can make better ramen than they.

4.5 /5 Rating average

One of the first ramens I had were of this place. I used this restaurant to hear much often in the winter season much often until I found a new ramen city that fits more than my palate. What I loved in this place is that it screams authenticity, from the interiors, the menu and the staff (Japanese employees). For a city grub this place is cheap. The only uncomfortable part of the food is here, it's just a cash. Do not worry, as there is a ATM in regent near this restaurant. I love it as you choose from 4 types of brewing for your ramen, the ramen-shell size and the experience of additional coverings for your plate that can find in your mini-fridge along the order line. I also love your prompt and friendly customer service. If you are looking for a cheaper, but with bags of Flavor Ramen-Place, this is a winner.

4 /5 Rating average

The ramen was really nice. The service was smooth and super fast. The price is very economical that you are around 10. The pork books have very nice, but a bit tasted too much salt. And also the friend chicken tasted really fresh and delicious!

4 /5 Rating average

While you might stop in at Tenkomori Ramen House for the Tokyo street styling and buzzy atmosphere, you'll return for their tonkotsu broth.

3 /5 Rating average

Quick, cheap, and a great valueNothing here is the best but most are decent and well worth the money.

1 /5 Rating average

This is a review of two bites of "ramen". The "tonkotsu" is really just milk that tastes vaguely of pork, with garbage-smelling pickles thrown in, a very