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State Theatre Building 49 Market St | Inside Qt Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia
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Ensure your table at Gilt Lounge, situated at State Theatre Building 49 Market St | Inside Qt Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia, by utilizing our hassle-free reservation page. Immerse yourself in a world of delicious dishes. For a guaranteed spot, ring +61282620003.

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3 /5 Rating average

Good location in the heart of Sydney and easy to catch up with friends - great atmosphere but poor service and expensive

1 /5 Rating average

Really bad service - left without being able to buy a drink. Ignored by bar staff who could not make eye contact and had an air of superiority about them. This was a Friday night (19/5/17) the lounge was full but bar itself was not busy. There was only one other patron waiting. I counted four bar staff and they all seemed to be more interested doing anything but serve me; cleaning glasses, generally fossicking around & talking to each other whilst avoiding eye contact with me. If you are wondering I was not intoxicated and left of my own accord after failing to buy a drink!

3 /5 Rating average

It was ok, drinks were the main concern being marked up more than other places in Sydney. While you expect a markup this seemed excessive, Example bottle of wine, $35 at the bottle shop was $90+ here, same wine at the restaurant we visited on same night was $60. Apart from that there was a really good atmosphere and the staff were fantastic. There was a good crowd.

5 /5 Rating average

Only open on Weds - Sunday eves in the upper bar area above restaurant at the QT hotel. Glamour staff, extremely attentive in great funky surroundings.Excellent food & drinks menu.

5 /5 Rating average

Loved the Gilt Lounge. We were staying at QT for a girls weekend in Sydney. Lots of shopping and bubbles and laughter. Highly recommended.

4 /5 Rating average

I visited the Gilt Lounge last month whilst catching up with a former London colleague who now works in the Sydney CBD. The venue is flashy and on my visit was dominated by a suited crowd on post work drinks.In comparison to the other reviewer I found the service to be very friendly with the waitress being all smiles. Despite not being on the cocktail list, the bartender whipped up a very good espresso martini (well it is a classic). We tried a couple of other cocktails each and they were also very good.Maybe I've been away from Sydney for too long and have forgotten how much things usually cost, or maybe it's the bar itself, however between $18 and $22 for a drink struck me as expensive. That would be my only criticism. I would recommend the Gilt Lounge for a nice place to drinks great cocktails with friendly service.

3 /5 Rating average

I visited Gowings bar upstairs after a function in the city. I hadn't been there before and it soon had a lively atmosphere with lots of people enjoying themselves. It was just a shame that the bartender was quite rude to my group.The good parts:The drinks were good and the general atmosphere was fun and lively. It took a while to warm up but it was a very cold evening in Sydney. It was a good location too, being right in the middle of the city, near restaurants and hotels. The main entrance is very interesting also and has a classy vibe to it.The not so good parts:When we first arrived and the bar was fairly quiet, I asked the bartender for a white russian (cocktail involving milk). The bartender simply said "no" without any further explanation. Naturally, he was saying this to be inflammatory and getting me to ask him why. He said it depended on how many I was ordering. After I ordered 6 of these cocktails he suddenly said he would be able to oblige. I don't like this kind of behaviour where you can have what you want depending on how much you are willing to pay. My group wanted to stay there so we did get our drinks and continued to drink there during the night but if it was up to me, I would have gone elsewhere after receiving such a reception. Also, the drinks were ridiculously expensive even taking into account drinking cocktails in the centre of Sydney city.Would I return?No. I really hate pretentious or rude service. I especially despise being treated differently depending on how much you are perceived to be worth or spending. Very disappointing.

1 /5 Rating average

If you want really pretentious jerks behind the bar who are inattentive and pretty rude, then this is the place for you! I really hate to make bad reviews