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104 Edward St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia
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5 /5 Rating average

steak outside the capitals of Australia is usually cooked until it no longer bends, no matter how ordered. thomasinas, however, delivered a rare and middle rare steak at our table, both perfectly cooked. eating was so good that we want to eat here again when we are in wagga.

5 /5 Rating average

seriously the best service I have seen and the steak is the first price!

5 /5 Rating average

we regularly go to thomasina as the service, net, veg and salat bar is excellent, but I can also recommend it if they have a special diet requirement. nothing is too much annoying.

5 /5 Rating average

very busy night (Friday 03.05.19) for personal, but all were very polite, composed and professional. Magnificent parmy and cajun huh meal cheap with very little waiting time.

4 /5 Rating average

This is the very first time I have been to Thomasina's. The main thing that has stuck with me was the service, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, the table service is a great detail that I appreciate. The food was very satisfying, the charcoal BBQ grill was tasty. And the side vegetables where done really well. A solid meal of meat and veggies done with love. I will be returning to eat here again in the future.

4 /5 Rating average

The grill itself was a little on the dry side but what totally made up for it was the all you can eat salad bar with great tasting addition such as the pasta. I would go back and just order that me thinks.

4 /5 Rating average

Nice meal overall, the lamb was overcooked though. I thought lamb would be medium rare by default! My bad.

3 /5 Rating average

Had dinner with family at this restaurant on April 5th 2019. We were a relatively large party 11 people and had pre booked. There were 3 servers on, a young man, a younger blonde woman (she had a tattoo of a car on her arm) and an older blonde/gray woman. The food was lovely, steak was cooked beautifully. The young male server and younger female server (I feel awful I didn't catch names) were exemplary. Bright, bubbly and eager to accommodate us. Unfortunately the older server left a sour taste for the entire experience. She treated us as though serving us was beneath her. She was condescending, abrasive and down right rude. If we were not to return to this business I can say with absolute certainty that it would be because of her.