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5 /5 Rating average

We visited this restaurant in July with a few friends who highly recommended the food. We weren't disappointed! Having never had Sri Lankan, we ordered a variety of food and were pleased that they offered a scale for spiciness as I have a low-ish tolerance for spice (even though I enjoy it!). Everything was cooked to our preference - so for those who are not familiar with or used to extremely spicy food, there is still plenty to choose from and they are very accommodating. There was great variety in the menu, the food was fantastic and the flavours were incredible. The atmosphere was lovely, we were seated upstairs where it was quiet and comfortable. Service was quick. Recommend ordering a few dishes to go around as we found the food on the small size and more suited to sharing. Will definitely be back next time we are in Geelong.

2 /5 Rating average

Disappointed, especially after an unsolicited glowing testimonial by someone in the street. The giveaway was when I was asked to choose the "spiciness" of the dish on a 1 to 10 scale. Now I ain't no foodie but I do know for the food to be truly Sri Lankan the meat/fish is cooked in the spices - they are not added as an afterthought at the discretion of the diner. Each authentic dish has its own level of spiciness or flavour.Do the British make Yorkshire Puddings with chilli just because somebody likes it that way? This is anglified Asian cooking at its worst and bears very little resemblance to the true item. I have eaten Sri Lankan food in the country of origin so have some familiarity with the cuisine. I might also add that when my wife asked for an 8 but was talked out of it because the staff thought that it would be too spicy. The result?......Disappointing..

4 /5 Rating average

Heard about this small restaurant, and have returned three times, as a couple, a family of ten, and for takeaway. Each style served efficiently and warmly. Always busy but hostess is all over the two floors. Even my darling, noisy, slightly unfocussed family could not really rattle her.Sri Lankan style, and a nice departure from the usual Northern Indian cuisine we see in Australia. Flavours are clean and robust. Green apple, sultana and cashew salad, is a first timer must. I was blown away by the amount of vegetarian options, and the nut curry is a real find...I am slightly addicted to it, now!Small bar menu, but it is not the style of the restaurant to have an extensive list. The excellence is evident in the meals. This is a culture where vegetables are not a side dish.Ring ahead and order string hoppers and coconut sambl, if you are into this style of cooking. If you get confused over choice, start at one end and keep returning - it's all good.

5 /5 Rating average

First timer for Sri Lankan. Wow, a mix between Thai and Indian. I am converted. Great menu, loads of choice even for the veggies. Great atmosphere and service. We will back.

1 /5 Rating average

Honestly, please go elsewhere I know it is hard to find good coffee or even any coffee at the airport but this is not for you. I am sure that the only

2 /5 Rating average

They don't sell what they advertise, and the customer service was rude to nonexistent.

2 /5 Rating average

Coffee terrible! Avoid at all costsEgg and bacon muffin had no sauce (despite me requesting it) and cheese in it.