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290 Sand Rd, Longwarry, Victoria 3816, Australia, Whisky Creek
26 Reviews 2.5

Unlock an unforgettable dining experience at Hungry Jack's, situated at 290 Sand Rd, Longwarry, Victoria 3816, Australia, Whisky Creek, with just a few clicks on our reservation page. Indulge in appetizing culinary masterpieces. A reservation is just a phone call away at +61356299763.

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5 /5 Rating average

This hungry jacks petrol station/restaurant was a nice clean place to stop in for a petrol, cappuccino and toilet break, the staff were very friendly and the toilet was very clean

1 /5 Rating average

Three visits - three muck ups in the order - no one answers the telephone when you ring to complain. The bathrooms have no hot handdryers; doors and walls are filthy - they close the bathrooms so the truckies cant even get to use the shower before seven pm and don't re-open them for hours (depending on who is the supervisor) and close of the bathrooms so the truckies cant even get to use the shower.

2 /5 Rating average

Stopped for coffee and a burger,had to wait to get served and at the time there was only a few people in the restaurant,but the staff were intrested,what they did on the weekend than serving,the burger was not very good at all,the coffee was terrible

2 /5 Rating average

I had to wait a couple of minutes to be served as the server was busy cleaning the eating area. I ordered a meal. The chips had to be replaced because they were cold. I only ate half of the burger as the quality has lessened since last visit.

1 /5 Rating average

Hubby&i stopped to have lunch a couple of times both times I had to go back as we were missing chips the first time nuggets the second time and no bbq sauce what a joke the staff could not care less what a joke

1 /5 Rating average

On our way to Moe Victoria, we stopped for a lunch break at Hungry Jack's wayside stop in Longwarry Victoria. The restaurant is part of a fuel station. It was clean but there the compliments stop.The "waitress " who took the order was curt. We ordered a double whopper cheese burger, chips and coffee. I ordered a grilled chicken burger, chicken chips and coke. I asked if we were to be given an order number. The "waitress" snapped back that the order would be called out. Sitting about 5 metres from the station where orders were called and handed out, we waited and waited. (About 15 minutes) Seeing others, who had ordered after us, being served I went and asked when we would receive our order. I was told by a very polite young lad that it was coming. Waiting about another 12 minutes I went up again. This time the "waitress" was asked , she walked back to a bench picked up our order an placed it on the counter, telling me it had been called out and no-one had collected it. Three points on this. 1) I was sitting directly opposite the collection point and at no time did our order appear there. 2) When other orders were called out, it was in such a a rapid diatribe, I was surprised anyone could decipher what was being said. 3) Unless you were in close proximity, it was impossible to hear the order "called" out. There was a microphone that was obviously there to be used. But it wasn't.Have received our meals, I unwrapped it and looked at my burger and then checked it with the photo of the burger on the billboard. Check out the attached photos and see if you can pick any resemblance between the two. I couldn't. It tasted like a bowl of salt. In a word, disgusting. The chicken chips were cold and tasteless. Having waited so long, and not wanting to waste more time, we left in disgust.

3 /5 Rating average

This is a Hungry Jack's on the Freeway and seems to suffer due to the sheer number of people stopping in. The queue had four families in front of me with one person serving and therefore took over ten minutes just to reach the counter. The food is standard Hungry Jack's; better than their competitors :)The staff are so busy that additionally they have to rely on customers to keep the tables clean and tidy. With the volume of people passing this seems a losing battle.

4 /5 Rating average

So surprise that there is no comment for this shopThis shop is much better than the KFC which is located at the back.