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50 Chapel Street, Windsor, Melbourne 3181., Australia
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Unlock an unforgettable dining experience at The Naked European, situated at 50 Chapel Street, Windsor, Melbourne 3181., Australia, with just a few clicks on our reservation page. Indulge in appetizing culinary masterpieces. Secure a culinary journey by dialing +61395104751.

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3 /5 Rating average

I was immediately drawn to the ambiance and decor having felt like I stepped into an authentic Italian cafe right in the heart of Windsor. Service was

3 /5 Rating average

Cozy looking with lots of yellow bulbs and exposed brick walls reminded me of my time in eastern Europe.

5 /5 Rating average

On Friday Saturday and Sunday they have 2 for 1 cocktails and they are delicious the starter menu is also amazing and the service is always great one of my

2 /5 Rating average

I'm so glad that the previous owners are gone judging by the new owner replies. As it was one of those disappointing dinner we've ever experienced in Melbourne, back in May 2017. Great location, but very chaotic in operation for a small restaurant .... We...More

2 /5 Rating average

The service was great and really friendly staff.The food however was average and very small servings considering the price.Food also took ages to come out, to the point we nearly left to get burgers from next door! (after getting the meals we wished we had).The steak was super thin, similar to a 2 minute steak you might get from Coles. Not something you would expect from a restaurant that labels it as "Grain fed Angus Scotch fillet".Wouldn't go back

3 /5 Rating average

To start with, the service was over enthusiastic , to the point of been annoying. Our entree was the equivalent of 4 calamari rings cut in half with a dip sauce. ( the profit from this would be ridiculous). The main course was very tasty and hot, namely Rib Eye steak cut into thin squares with creamed mushroom sauce, and a very small helping of mashed pototoe. Surely for the cost of $26, a spoonful of peas or carrots would not go astray. To the waitresses, give the customer time to think, dont keep asking them hows there meal. After looking around at other tables all meals looked pretty small, not a good place if your hungry.

3 /5 Rating average

I decided to drop by for dinner whilst reading some work documents, around 8pm on a Wed evening. The menu is highly appealing and appetising, I ordered the Beetroot, Pomegranite, Blue Cheese salad which was excellent and Sav Blanc to accompany. The wine I intended to order was no longer being stocked but I was given an alternative recommendation. The place strikes me as quite a boys club with a cohort of fairly loud and obnoxious gentlemen out the front smoking and swearing fairly emphatically (including the owner or manager). The waitress was nice and affable but failed to clear my table of excess cutlery and dumped the bill on my table only moments after clearing my plate which I think is fairly bad taste. Nonetheless the bill was very modest and the food good so worth entertaining the loud chorus of men emphatically yelling and swearing over one another outside, if you are in a good mood.

5 /5 Rating average

Happy hour started at 2.30pm on Friday and finished at 6.30pm. We drank so much that we thought we would eat something. It was spot on and a must to get down to the Naked European if you are in Melbourne. Absolutely Fantastic